Chicken Bodyguard Addon

Chicken Bodyguard Addon for Minecraft PE adds chicken bodyguard, which will help you to kill hostile mobs. Bodyguard chicken will replaced by normal vanilla chicken from your world. At first, you should find normal chicken and feed it with diamond. You also able to ride your new chicken.

developers: DarkGlade03

How to get new bodyguard chicken?
You should find normal chicken in your world. Take diamond in your hand and make long tap on the chicken. You will have about 60% chance to tame it. After chicken is tamed, you will see, that chicken will change size ( makes bigger )

Tamed chicken will attack all hostile mobs, who come close to you. It will be powerful and faithful friend. After taming, you could ride the new chicken. Do not forget take diamond sword in your hand.

Download this addon for Minecraft PE 1.6 +

Download Bodyguard chicken.mcaddon ( version with arrows )
Download Bodyguard chicken.mcaddon ( version with fireballs )

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