Organized Settings Addon

Organized Settings Addon for Minecraft PE adds new settings in your menu.New you can change a lot of new settings just in your in-game manu. For example you could set up: fild of view, hide hand, view bobbing, player names, inventory tweak, toggle icons and so on.

Creator: NetherNinja

Look at this screenshow. Here you can set up: Beaiful skies, Render clounds, fancy bubbles, smooth lighting, fancy graphic and fancy leaves.
On this preferences Player you can change: FOV, view bobbing, hide papre doll, ingame player names, splitscreen in game player names,
Look at preferences Graphics: Brigtness, render distance, [article render distance, beautiful skies, render clounds, smooth lighting, fancy graphics and fancy leaves

download this addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.6/1.5 +

DOWNLOAD: organizedoptionsv3_0_1.mcpack [1.03 Mb]
old version

DOWNLOAD: organizedoptions.mcpack [1.02 Mb]

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