War Tank Addon

War tank addon for Minecraft PE adds a very realistic tank. There are 3 different skins of tank ( green, gray and sand one ) Also you can ride it and shoot the missiles. Honestly saying I have never expected to I can see in MCPE so realistic texture with a lot details. Your tank will has special place for saving your items (27 available slots) Now you can arrange a great war in your world with your friend. Also I need to say receanly we posted another addon Mine Tanks I really recommend you too see it too.

Developer: Gona, Twitter Account

How to drive the tank?

This addon changes mob witches on tank. If you want to get the tank you need just find some witch spawn egg and you can easy build it.

If you see the tank, you need come closer and make long tap on it and you will see a new button ┬źdrive┬╗. If you have a Windows device you have to do right click instead tap in Android device.

How you can get the control?

Then you need to take in your hand tank shell (egg) and hold it when you drive the tank. If you want to shoot you have to just throw tank shell (egg).

How to save your item in tank?

As I already said there is a place for saving your items. It consists of 27 slots. It is very comfortable and cool! Also it is one of very amazing advantage of your iron friend.

To open the tank inventory you need to come close to it and do long tap then tap on button open or drive and just open oyr inventory

Color of the tank is on every taste. When you will choose think about camouflage. I prefer the green one, because my base surrounded only trees and grass.

Today I show you a really great modification. I hope the creator will not stop and adds a new machines.

How to install?

  • create the new world in Minecraft PE
  • download two files below
  • tap on them to install in MCPE
  • change the addons setting ( resource pack and behavior)

for Minecraft 1.0+

DOWNLOAD: war-tank-behavior-pack.mcpack [179,13 Kb] (count: 30)

choose one of them

DOWNLOAD: war-tank-green-resourses-pack.mcpack [473,03 Kb] (count: 15)

DOWNLOAD: war-tank-grey-resourses-pack.mcpack [483,12 Kb] (count: 8)

DOWNLOAD: war-tank-sand-resourses-pack.mcpack [387,99 Kb] (count: 8)

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