DayZ MCPE addon

DayZ MCPE addon for Minecraft PE adds a lot staffs which base on horror survival PC game Dayz. You can get a new weapon, armor, mobs and make really apocalyptic atmosphere in your world. If you is a fan of this famous game you have to download and try out the addon!

Developer: Hexdro, Twitter Account

What the new armor you can see?

There are 3 kind of armor and they look great! Time to survive! Quickly dress the best armor and go kill zombie.

  • Green Camouflage has been replaced by iron armor.
  • Leather Armor has been replaced by Diamond Armor
  • Plastic Armor has been replaced by Golden Armor


  • Throwing Knife – if you will lost all your bullets maybe you save your life with knife. It has replaced on Snowball.
  • Makarov Pistol – the best pistol from Russians creator. The feature is a long cooldown and it you will see on your interface. It has replaced on Ender Pear
  • Grenade – if you see the bunch of enemies you can throw the grenade and kill them all at once. It has been changed on snowball.
  • AK47 – another weapon from Russia. You will have the difficulties with aim. It has replaced on Fishing Rod
  • M4A1 – very good one and my favorite. You have to know to it require M4A1 mags (Arrows) to use it. It has replaced on Bow


Infected mobs

These are very dangerous mobs. You will never expect to see them because they are very fast come to you and kill. Never don’t stop and try to see around a lot.

Survivors mobs

This is innocent people, but you need be very carefully, because if zombie will infect one of them then one of them turn in zombie and try to kill you.


It is kind of mobs in Dayz addon. They are not difficult but some of them have a fire weapon. These mobs are very hard to kill.

How to install?

  • create the new world in Minecraft PE
  • download two files below
  • tap on them to install in MCPE
  • change the addons setting ( resource pack and behavior)

For Minecraft PE 1.0

DOWNLOAD: dayz-mcpe-textures.mcpack [750,78 Kb] (count: 8)

DOWNLOAD: dayz-mcpe.mcpack [538,92 Kb] (count: 10)

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