Magicá Addon

Magicá Addon for Minecraft PE adds new magic weapons, blocks, ores, spells and even new system to get level for your hero. You will change your world in magic world. This is big addon, which can add a lot interesting things into your game and make it more magical and interesting.

developer: solvedDev, Twitter Account

What is adds this addon?

New weapons
You will able to get 6 new weapons.

  1. Watercut — small damage, water breathing and give you more health
  2. Flamestrike — give you more health, increase damage and give you fire resistance
  3. Whirlwind — give you speed, more damage, health
  4. Soulsmasher: High damage, low health, used for villager trades
  5. Earthshatterer: give Haste, Night Vision, massive health increase, low damage

New spells
You will able to use 5 usefull spells.

How to make spells?
1) Take in your hand Fire, water, earth gem or Magica
2) throw an Infusable Stone

You will get 4 new blocks
Air, water, fire and earth, how to use this addon

download addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.5/1.6
DOWNLOAD: magica.mcaddon [100.86 Kb]

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