The Simpsons Addon

The Simpsons Addon is for Minecraft PE and it adds simpsons into your world. Addon based on the famous cartoon Simpsons. The new charakters will be replaced by vanilla mobs from your game ( for example bart will replaced by Skeleton and Gomer will change by Zombie mob )

How it works?

As I said, Simpson family will replaced by normal mobs from your world and will spawn automaticly. You can see how amazing models they have.

How to get new mobs?

Maggle will replaced by Wither Skeleton
Bart – Skeleton
Homer – Zombie
Marge – Husk

All new mobs you can find in your worldm but you can create new world with creative mode and try to find spawn eggs from your inveoyyr.

Download Simpsons addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition for version 1.5/1.6 +
DOWNLOAD: the-simpson-addon-by-fernan-addons-2018.mcaddon [290.35 Kb]

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