Biome Chooser Addon

Biome Chooser Addon for Minecraft PE adds 3 new biombs: Taiga, Savannah and desert biom. It also adds new mobs, trees, bushes and other features. This addon was created as a concept on the new biombs, which will added oficially by Mojang ( you can ready about this here )

What are these new 3 biombs?
The first one is Savannah biom. Here you can bumped on Termites, baobabs ( kind of tree ) and Ostrich.
In Taiga biom you can meet with foxes, new bushes ( you can get berries through shear them ) and campfire ( look at the screenshot below )

Decert biom
New trees and meercats

download this addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.5/1.6/1.7
DOWNLOAD: minecraft-biom-choose.mcaddon [278.66 Kb]

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