Rocket Launcher Add-on

Rocket Launcher Add-on for Minecraft PE adds launcher grenades into your game. New launcher will replaced by bow and grenades will replaced by arrows. New weapon will be really powerful instrument to destroy everything on your way. In future creator will update this addon, improve and add more weapons.

developers: Abhishek_kumar, Twitter Account

How to craft Rocket Launcher?

As I wrote already, new weapon will replaced by bow. So you can use the same recipe as for bow. You have another way to get it: just create new world with creative mode and find it in your invetory.

some screenshots from this addon you can see here below. Here you can see how looks weapon and grenadewhat the powerfull tool it is you can see here
download this addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.6/1.7 +
DOWNLOAD: rocket-launcher-v1.mcaddon [3.11 Mb]

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