Dragon Mounts Addon Beta

Dragon Mounts Addon Beta for Minecraft PE adds dragon in your game. You can tame dragon to have the best friend in MCPE. You will able to fly on tameble dragon and very quickly move from somewhere for example to your home. Specially take a look at the dragon skin, it looks so realistic and exiting.

developers: Jujustyle7

How to spawn dragon?

At first you should buy Dragon Egg in new mob Dragon Keeper, who you can find in village. Then you should fertillizing a Dragon egg through Dragon Ignot, each dragon will drop their own Dragon Ignot. Attention! Firtizilation will take about 8 minutes long.Dragon will have 3 stages from very little dragon with little damage and health to dragon monster, who is very healthy and powerfull

You can tame and feed your dragon with any raw or cooked meat.Dragon will atack hostile mobssome video review

Download addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.6/1.7 +
DOWNLOAD: dragon-mounts-beta-add_on.mcaddon [836.2 Kb]

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