Village&Pillage Add-on

Village&Pillage Add-on for Minecraft PE adds new mobs into your game. As you know, on the lastest Macon was unnounced that Mojang are creating new update called Village & Pillage. The beast and pillagers will be new mob from that update. This addon will such a concept of that updat and bring into your world new mobs.

developers: FoXiKk

What the new mobs will be added?

The Beast ( replaced by Creeper )
This mob is big black creature, which behave really agressive and dangerous. Beast hates villagers and kill them as they see each other. Pillage ( replaced by zombi )
This new mob are robber and hates villagers as a Beast too. If they see villagers, they will atack them with arrows.Crossbow ( replaced by Bow )
This is very powerful weapon, which attack with more damage as bow. With this weapon you can help villagers survive agains Beast and Pillage.
download this addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.7+
DOWNLOAD: minecraft1_14.mcaddon [21.03 Kb]

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