Panda Minecon 2018 Add-on

Panda Minecon 2018 Add-on for Minecraft PE will add Panda mob into your world. It is some concept, because on the last Minecon was annonced that Mojang will add Panda mob in Minecraft. Of course you can wait for oficial update with new mob, but I recommend you try to install this addon and see how it will be. Addon also adds Bamboo.

How to spawn Panda?

At first, you should know that Panda will replaced by polar bear. You should create new world with creative mode and find spawn egg in yout inventory. Panda will has a children and very protecs them from enemies..
You can also see new trees, they will caled Bamboo ( replaced sugar cane ), you can breed Panda with bamboo

download this addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition1.6/1.7
DOWNLOAD: panda_v2.mcaddon [557.47 Kb]

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