Tigers Add-on

Tigers Add-on for Minecraft PE adds two new mobs into your world. One mob is normal tiger and second mob is white tigers. You can tame any of them throgh feeding row meat and make tiger your the best friend. But you should know, that tigers are very agressive and hostile animals, so you should be very prepared to connect with tigers.

developer: ArathNidoGamer

How to spawn a tiger?
You have two methods to do that;
1) Just go around your world and you can bumped on new kind of mob in any biom in your world
2) Create new world with creative mode and in your inventory try to find spawn egg

How to tame tiger?
At first, you should come very close to mob and then, feeding tiger raw meat, After taming, new mobs will following you and protect from hostile animals

download for Minecraft PE 1.8 + ONLY
DOWNLOAD: tigers-add-on-v1_0_0.mcaddon [78.63 Kb]

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