Sports Car: Lamborghini Addon

Sports Car: Lamborghini adds for Minecraft PE adds the new car in your world. It will one of the luxurious car of the world. I am presenting you Italian Lamborghini Diablo. Of cause you can get it and drive wherever you want. I congratulate you! You is owner this incredible and fantastic machine which move very quickly. Now you never late on your minecrafts meeting.

Developer: Gona, Twitter Account

When you get in the car you will really surprised. Because inside more awesome than outside. You can see inside a lot of buttons, steering wheel, minicomputer, display, stereo system, transmission, one more armchair and all of them have really cool design. Unfortunately we cannot use them or turn on something. But maybe it will change in the next update of addon.z

  • To control the car you need get in your hand the carrot on the sticks. It is the key for driving.
  • To stop driving you have to just change carrot on the sticks and car will stop.

It looks so awesome! By the way, do you like a street racing? Now you are absolutely able to do it and make some championship and competition. You don’t have to worry about cops. Even they exist in Minecraft world nevertheless they do not catch you up

How to install?

  • create the new world in Minecraft PE
  • download two files below
  • tap on them to install in MCPE
  • change the addons setting ( resource pack and behavior)

For Minecraft PE 1.0

DOWNLOAD: sport-car-lamborghini-orange-resourses-pack.mcpack [319,33 Kb] (count: 54)

DOWNLOAD: sport-car-lamborghini-behavior-pack.mcpack [249,35 Kb] (count: 58)

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