Lions Add-on

Lions Add-on for Minecraft PE adds new mob into your game. It will be lion. Pay attention, that this addon is only for 1.8 + version of Minecraft Pocket Edition. So, Lions will very dangerous and hostile, of course, creatures. You able to taming lions through raw meat and tamed lion will be your bodyguard, he will protect you from hostile mobs and attack them.

How to spawn new mob Lion?
You can find lions just come around your world, they will spawn naturally, very often. If you want spawn lions quickly, you could create new world with creative mode and find spawn eggs in your inventory.

how to tame lions?
You should come to him very close ( be prepared to attack, because he will hostile mob ), take raw meat and feed them. You will see hearts and that will be your sign, lion will tamed.

some screenshots from this addon. How looks lion you can see below this text

download this addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.8 +
DOWNLOAD: lions-add-on-v1_0_0.mcaddon [63.8 Kb]

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