Helpful NPC’s Addon

Minecraft PE adds new 6 mobs into your world. They will help you collect wood, food or another things. They will be non-player charaters and also they attack hostile mobs.

Which mobs will be added and what exactly they will do?

  • Guard – Give Bow, Protect you for 20 minutes (then he needs to be tamed again)
  • Hunter – Give Iron Sword, Retrieve: Food
  • Lumberjack – Give Iron Axe, Retrieve: Wood
  • Farmer – Give Iron Hore, Retrieve: Crops
  • Fisherman – Give Fishing Rod, Retrieve Fish
  • Miner – Give Iron Pickaxe, Retrieve: Ore

after you give item to new mobs it will disapear on 30 seconds. You do not need waiting for him, it will teleport to you.

download this addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.8 +
DOWNLOAD: helpful-npcs-add-on.mcaddon [114.03 Kb]

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