Cow Plus Addon

Cow Plus Addon for Minecraft PE adds 7 new cows into your world. Each of mobs will have unique skills and features. Each of cows will be spawned in different biomes.

What the features have cows?

  1. Water cow: live in water, cows able to transform in sponge
  2. Marsh cow: you can find this kind of cow only in swamp, loves seafloor and drop fish and lether
  3. Cloud cow: can make lightning, gives water if you have emty bucket
  4. Devil cow: with an empty bucket gives you the cow and eats coal
  5. Bug cow: drop cakes and suger, eats sugar
  6. Xacamorfo: kill family after they born. You can domesticate this kind of cow, feed them raw meat
  7. Beetle cow: drop phantom membrane and eat rotten meat


download addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.8 +
DOWNLOAD: cow_plus_addon2.mcaddon [519.29 Kb]

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