Working Boombox Add-on

Working Boombox Add-on for Minecraft PE adds some radio ( boombox ) and you can listen 4 songs, which are diferent from each other. It is great addon, if you want have fun with cool music and make something diferent and unusuall in your world. By the way, all these songs has free licence, so this addon cannot have problem with copyright. Songs will play randomly.

How to get boombox?
Create new world with creative mode and find in your inventory this new item. Then, you should press the button on it to play music. The music will replaced the Music disc so if you put Cat, 13, 11, Mall, or Far, it wil play right song for you.

You can have boombox with different colors, jut use due.

Download this addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.8/1.9 +…

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