Vanilla Backpacks Addon

Vanilla Backpacks Addon for Minecraft PE adds backpack into your game. Now you can put many items and blocks in your backpack. This addon can help you make more place for your items and blocks, travel a lot without any fear and just wear very cool backpack with diferent collors.

How to create backpack?
Backpack you can find everywhere around your world. When you find backpack you can use elerald to make it your own.
for android device: You should hold emerald in your hand, then you see button, push on it.
for windows 10: you should hold emerald and then click on backpack

do you want change color of your backpack? just use due

download this addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.9 +
DOWNLOAD: backpack-r.mcpack [16.73 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: backpack-b-v2.mcpack [5.13 Kb]

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