AnimaCraft Addon

AnimaCraft Addon for Minecraft PE adds many new mobs into your world. In this verion of addon you can see: Deers, flamingo, dodo, goats and bees. I hope this addon will update with more mobs.

Which animals will be added?
They will spawn very often in your Overworld. If you will kill one of them, you can get bones and lether
you will see second type of deer, they will look a little bit diferent
Moustly you can see them close to beach. They looks really nice.
This is famous bird. You can see them in tajga biom or Jungle.
If you attack Goats they will be hostle mobs
You can see this kind of mob in savanna or jungle

download this addonf or Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.9 +

DOWNLOAD: animacraft-add-ons-v1_2-by-reza112-.mcaddon [503.57 Kb]

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