Project Prehistoric Addon Beta

Project Prehistoric Addon Beta for Minecraft PE adds many dinosaurs into your game. You will see Spinosaurus, Carnotaurus, Sabertooth, dodo any many other entities. Models of mobs are really awasome and each of dinosaur will have unique features ( diferent skins, spawn and so on ). For example, mob Sabertooth will cold bioms, they could have 2 skins and you can tame them.

Features mobs:
Sabertooth – spawn in cold bioms, tameble, 2 skins
Parasaur – spawn everywhere, breedable, leasheble
Allosaurus – spawn in taiga, has 2 atack types, breedable
Carnotaurus – spawn in jungles and desert, breedable, only male atack
Giganotosaurus – spawn in jungle or taiga, can be breeded with raw beef
Triceratops – spawn in plains
Spinosaurus – live in forest, can be breeded with raw beef
Compsognathus- hostile

downlod addon for Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.8/ 1.9 +
DOWNLOAD: project-prehistoric-public-beta-1_0_2.mcaddon [1.07 Mb]

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