VENOM 2018 Movie Addon

VENOM 2018 Movie Addon for Minecraft PE will add some new mobs into your universe. All mobs will be based on popular Marvel comics, which called Venom. New entities look really cool and each of them has own unique skills.

Which mobs will be added?

  1. Riot
  2. Eddie (hostile againsVenom and Eddie Brock)
  3. Carlton Drake
  4. Venom (hostile agains Life Foundation and Riot)
  5. Carlton Drake (hostile venom)
  6. Eddie (Bike) ( replaced by spider and you can ride on it )
  7. Life Foundation Agents ( hostile agains Venom )
  8. She Venom

download this addon for Minecraft pocket Edition 1.9+
DOWNLOAD: venom_2018_addon.mcaddon [2.13 Mb]

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