Jimbo’s Christmas Weapons Add-on

Jimbo’s Christmas Weapons Add-on for Minecraft PE adds many christmas stuff and atmosphere in your world. For example, you will see Santa’s Sleigh, gifts, new weapons ( shotgun, spirit bottles, handgun ) and so on. With this addon you will able to change your Minecraft and add Holiday spirit in it.

What will be add?
Handgun weapon ( replaced by bow ) – make slow effectsspirit bottle – makes healing effect ( replaced by snowball )Grinch spirit bottle ( replaced by egg ) – makes massive poison attackShortgun weapon ( replaced by fishing rod )Gifts – will spawn randomly in your worldSanta’s Sleigh – rideble sleigh. To get it, you should create new world with creative mode and find in your inventory sleigh spawn egg. This spawn egg also can drop by gifts. Then you should kill polar bears to get Sleigh Key.

How to ride sleigh?

  1. Android/iOS: Come to sleigh very close, long press on it and press Board. Then you should hold sleigh key to ride.
  2. Windows 10: make the same, but you should press right click

Download this addon for Minecraft PE 1.8/1.9 DOWNLOAD: b3-jimboschristmasweaponsadd-onv3.mcpack [6.6 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: t3-jimboschristmasweaponsadd-onv3.mcpack [103.23 Kb]

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