Admin Panel

Admin Panel is a script for Minecraft PE, which will provide new admin panel into Minecraft and you can have own password to access. Script will add special user interface, where you can provide commands.


How to use this script?

At first, you should create some tag with name admin123456789. Avil will help you name the tag. Look at screenshot with information belowTo become admin you should hold name tag and tap on the invisible armor stand ( Hit to become admin)After that, we need to create secomd name tag (adminpanel123456789) to get access the admin panel. After you should do the same stepps, as previously 1) use Avil to name tag 2) tap on armor standThen you should hit the emty entity and admin panel will openHow to look admin panel?

Download admin for Minecraft Pocket Edition ( Bedrock version ) +
DOWNLOAD: adminpanel.mcaddon [1.06 Mb]

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