Pikachu and Raichu Addon

Pikachu and Raichu Add-on for Minecraft PE adds two Pokémon. You have to catch them, tame, feed and they will the best friend for you. They can follow you and help to attack hostile mobs. There are powerful adult and weak baby Pokémon. You can help them to grown and become stronger. Your Pokémon able to do Thunder and it is a good damage against your enemies.

Developer Gona, Twitter Account

Where you can find Pikachu?

You have to know that Pickachu has replaced by pig. You can find him in the same area as a pig in your world.

How to tame Pickachu?

If you find one you need take potato or carrot in your hand, come to him and try to feed. Attention! You have only a chance to tame him 33%. So if you did not have a result the first times do not be upset and try again until you see hearts.

There are two kinds of Pokémon baby and adult one. Baby is weak and do not help you with attack hostile mobs. Adult is powerful, strong mob and he able to attack. But if you get the baby you can feed him to grown.

How to feed Pickachu?

You can feed emeralds (replaced by Thunder Stone) your pet to he will stronger and have more health. The last level of his grown is Raichu. ( Attack: 8 and 30 hears color: orange )

How Pokémon attacks?

Tamed Pokémon attacks any mobs which you attack.

  • Pickachu able to damage your enemies through thunder stock and close attack.
  • Raichu can damage through Thunderbolt. It is more quickly and stronger. This attack is better against many hostile mobs at one time.

How to install?

  • create the new world in Minecraft PE
  • download two files below
  • tap on them to install in MCPE
  • change the addons setting ( resource pack and behavior)

For Minecraft PE 1.0

DOWNLOAD: pikachu-behavior-pack.mcpack [26,73 Kb] (count: 3)

DOWNLOAD: pikachu-resource-pack.mcpack [42,22 Kb] (count: 3)

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