Mob Indicator addon

Mob Indicator for Minecraft PE will add status information, when you focus on mob. For example, you will focus on the cow and you will see: Type: cow, health: 18, name:- and position: -x -y -z; It can be really usefull in some situation. The same function has computer version of Minecraft Java Edition, in that case you should push F3 button.

You can also disable custum interface. You should throw 1 dirt and 1 stick onthe ground. After that you will see small manu and just choose right answer.

some screenshots from thsi addon, which can show you status of mobs, when you focus on them.

for Minecraft Pocket Edition +
with user interface ( recommended)
DOWNLOAD: mob-indicator2.mcaddon [433.02 Kb]
without user interface
DOWNLOAD: mob-indicatorb-no-ui.mcpack [205.68 Kb]

  1. Apply the pack for a world
  2. Turn on “Experimental Gameplay” in the your world settings

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