Rideable Ravager Add-on

Rideable Ravager Add-on for Minecraft PE will have you ride new mob Ravager and even choose directiom, where you will go. At first, you ridible Ravager looks really cool, at second, you will be able to move with your mount quicklier.

developer: Abhishek_kumar

How to spawn Ravager?

You can try to find mob in Overworld, it will not be a big problem. If you want get Ravager very quickly, you can create new world in creative mode and fild spawn egg of this mob in your inventory.

How to ride?
Come close as you can to Ravager and make long tap.

How it will be looking
Download this addon for Minecraft PE 1.11 +
DOWNLOAD: rideable-ravager-add-on.mcpack [750.54 Kb]

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