Billey’s Mobs Add-on

Billey’s Mobs Add-on for Minecraft PE adds 13 new creatures, chich will be living under the water. Each of that animals will different from each other and will have another features. For example, some mobs are hostile and very strong, another mobs can be tamable and neutral. If you try to provide more diversity in your game, it will be right addon for you.

What the mobs you will see?

Angler Fish
live in ocean only at night
there are 6 different typesSwordfish
you can find this fish in oceanMercat
can spell slowness effect on youOrca
When fish is hungry become hostile, when not – neutral.Zombie Cat
Can be tamed by fish or stringsSkeleton Cat
you can tame them with Netherwart
could be aggressive and neutraland many another mobs

Download for Miencraft PE 1.10/1.11 +
DOWNLOAD: billeys-mobs-2_0.mcaddon [651.33 Kb]

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