Bedrock 2.0 Add-on

Bedrock 2.0 Add-on for Minecraft PE adds 18 new mobs, bosses, new ocean life and even new ores and stones ( they will change texture ). If you want make your world different I recommend this addon as well. You can also have a big challenge to battle with 2 bosses.

Which new mobs you will see?

New villagers: village warrior, Cannon-man, sniper and Archer villager and turreteer

Hostile mobs: Stone eater, Ender carcass, Frost eater, Ryft, Skeleton knight, Sunken

Bosses: Chill rave boss, Wraithen boss

Mobs which live under water: Lion fish, Mahi mahi, Lion’s mane jellyfish, Jelly fish

Inanimate entities: Turret, Cave crystals

some screenshots are below

Download this addon for Minecraft PE 1.8/1.11 +
DOWNLOAD: bedrock-2_0.mcaddon [554.09 Kb]

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