Smart Turret Addon

This addon can add turrets into your world. They will defeat you and attack hostile mobs and monsters. If you do not know, turret is some machine or a tank, which doesn’t move and stay always on the same point. This mod is based on the game Portal 2. You can easily craft turret.

Pay attention! If you hit the turret you will be identify as a enemy and turret will attack you. Do not attack turret!

Instruction to create turret
You need build turret. Place 4 block of irons and 1 pumpkin. As you build this contraction turret will appear and already can defeat you.

screenshot how to build turret below

some screenshots

Download Smart Turret Addon for Minecraft PE 1.11 +

DOWNLOAD: smart-turret-by-xenodroidz.mcaddon [264.96 Kb]

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