Mason v0.1 addon

Mason addon for Minecraft PE will add 8 new tools, which help you in survival. For example with chainsaw you will be able get trees very quickly or hammer will destroy many blocks at one time. If you are eager to add something new into your game I will recommend this addon for survival as well.

What tools will be added?

At first, you need to get Diaron Ingot to craft each of new tools.

recipe is below1) Clouds
you will be able to create 3 blocks in front of you

RecipeHow it works?

2) Screwdriver
With this instrument you will be able to fill 2 blocks at one tap

How it works?

3) Plough
Plough a 3*3*3 area!

How it works?

4) Magnet
Will put all dropped items at one time

recipe:How it works?

5) Hammer
Destroy many blocks at one time

recipe:how it works?

6) Wrench
this instrument can rotate blocks

recipeHow it works?

7) Displacer
this tool can swap position of 2 blocks

recipeHow it works?

8) Chainsaw
Cat trees have never been so easilyHow it works?

Download addon for Minecraft PE 1.12 +
DOWNLOAD: mason-v0_1.mcaddon [43.84 Kb]

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