Dragoncraft addon for Minecraft PE will add 6 different dragon. You can tame each of them, ride and fly with him. Addon will be working as for survival as for creative mode. Notice that you can put a chest on the dragon and you get 15 free slots, also you can put an armour. If you will hold cane with a carrot then dragon will fly faster.

How to spawn/find a dragon?
They will spawn automatically and randomly in your world as in survival as in creative mode. Notice, that if you kill a dragon, he drops dragon egg.

How to incubate the egg?
You will be able to incubate a dragon eggs. Just give them 1 diamond and you will see how they will shake. After you need waiting couple of minutes until hatch.

How to tame a dragon?
You can tame dragon with rotten meat.

download for Minecraft PE 1.12 +
DOWNLOAD: dragoncraft-1_2-resource.mcpack [1.53 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: dragoncraft-1_2-behavior.mcpack [147.5 Kb]

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