Fake Players Add-on

Fake Players Add-on will add Alex to your game. He is an archer. Alex always will follow you, attack hostile mobs and just be your best friend. He will behave as real person, for example he will run away from creeper or open a door.

Features of addon:
– Add a bodyguard who will follow you and fight on your side
– New mob will behave as a real person
– You can trade with Alex

What the unique behaviour has Alex?

  1. go away from creeper
  2. attack hostile mobs
  3. open or close the door
  4. go into houses

Download Fake Player addon for Minecraft PE 1.12 +
DOWNLOAD: f_players_rp.mcpack [16.08 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: f_players_bh.mcpack [18.69 Kb]

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