Useful Staffs Add-on

Useful Staffs Add-on for Minecraft PE adds 16 staffs. This is kind of a weapon, which used to use by Magician. Addon includes different staffs: gravity, fire, item, prismarine, whiter, rage and another staffs. Each of the staff are unique and has different effects such: Sprites poisons mobs, blow up mobs, float up mobs, attack with fire or thunder.

How to refill the staff?

you will see an new indicator on your interface, it shows when staff is empty and should be refilled. To refilled a staff just put staff in a crafting table with an experience bottle.

Which staffs will be added?

  • Necro staff
  • Midas staff
  • Thunder staff
  • Solar staff
  • Kinetic staff
  • Wither staff
  • Item staff
  • Gravity staff
  • Fire staff
  • Poison staff
  • Shulker staff
  • Harted staff
  • Time staff

some screenshots
Download addon for Minecraft PE 1.12+
DOWNLOAD: useful-staffs-addon.mcaddon [113.61 Kb]

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