Doctor Strange Addon

Doctor Strange Addon for Minecraft PE is a global mod, which will add many new things such as: new items, weapons, portals and another magic staff. For example, you will be able to speed up or slow the time, teleportate to home or even create special block shield.

What will be added?

  1. New music, in game guids and graphic
  2. Air Traveling Spell (Item) will help you to fly in the air
  3. Eye Of Agamotto / Item Stone (Item) which helps you contract the time
  4. Shield Spell (Item) – creates a block shield
  5. The Ancient One’s Punch (Weapon) – has very powerful attack damage
  6. portal to teleportation

Download addon for Minecraft PE 1.12
DOWNLOAD: doctor-strange–resourcepackmcpack [12.88 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: doctor-strange–behaviourpack.mcpack [1.86 Mb]

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