McDonalds Addon

McDonalds Addon for Minecraft PE will add many different McDonalds stuff such new blocks, items, foods, mobs, etc. This addon will give you possibility to build your own McDonalds restaurant and sell food.

What will be added?

New mobs Crew Workers
You can summon them by spawn eggs or with command mcdo:crew_worker. They will spawn randomly around your world. If you want interact them just open happy meals.

Ronald McDonald:
He can chase you if you will open mystery meals. He has spawn egg and can be spawned by command mcdo:ronald_mcdonald

Yellow and red chair
Vending Machines ( use vending machine coin to buy something)other McDonalds items

Download Mcdonalds addon for Minecraft PE 1.12
DOWNLOAD: mcdonalds-addonupdated.mcaddon [3.08 Mb]

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