Mythical Creatures Add-on

Mythical Creatures Add-on for Minecraft PE will add new mobs to your game such as Minotaur, ORC, WYVERN, Centaur, Nessie, Werewolf. Addon also will change your night, in that time will be spawn many difficult monsters. All mobs will be spawned automatically.

What new mobs will be added to your world?
in day they will be neutral mobs, but at night they will be very hostile and dangerous

this mob is neutral and tameble when Nessie is a baby. Do not forget equip it with chest and saddle. Also they need water. You can feed them with carrots, potatoes or raw fish. Take a leash if you want to they follow you
hostile mob
Tameble mob with raw meat. ( only when they are baby )

hostile mob
hostile mob, spawn in dark places at night

Download addon for Minecraft PE 1.12 +

DOWNLOAD: mythical_res.mcpack [4.73 Mb]
DOWNLOAD: mythical_beh.mcpack [50.15 Kb]

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