Protective Turrets Addon

Protective Turrets Addon for Minecraft PE adds adds turrets in your game. Now you can defeat your house or something else with automatically gun. When they see enemies on some radius, they will attack them as quickly as possible. It is very useful because turrets do not need the ammunitions or some resource. They are automatic. He seems like battle tower. In addition, you can do upgrade. They can change the color and change the bullets ( there are snowballs, fire, arrows and so on)

How to make turrets?

At first, you need build turrets. They have changed on shalker mob. You can go to catch him in End. The easiest way is just get the spawn eggs and just throw him.

What kind of turrets there is?

You can see 4 kind of turrets. They differ on each other not only color but also bullets.

  • Arrows – blue
  • Shulker projectiles – purple
  • Bullets – color of turrets
  • Fireballs – green
  • Snowballs – yellow

You have to think about position of your turrets. It is very important. However, you have to know to turrets can show on around 60 blocks. For example, on screenshot below you can see how you can build them near door of your house.

As I said already, green turrets can shoot fire. You have to know it is really dangerously because the mob can stay near your house and it can burn. I recommend to hold your turrets little bit far from your home or structure to stay them in safety.

How to install?

  • create the new world in Minecraft PE
  • download two files below
  • tap on them to install in MCPE
  • change the addons setting ( resource pack and behavior)

for MCPE 1.0.4 or above ONLY

DOWNLOAD: protective-turrets-resources.mcpack [27,01 Kb] (count: 3)

DOWNLOAD: protective-turrets-behavior.mcpack [14,79 Kb] (count: 0)

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