ProjectPrehistoric addon

ProjectPrehistoric addon for Minecraft PE adds a lot of new dinosaurs such Velociraptors, Velociraptors, Gallimimus, Leptictidium and another. You will be able also tame them and ride. Spawn eggs will help you create right dinosaur very quickly and simple. The main feature of this addon is a custom animation.


  1. Dinosaurs will not spawn automatically, you need to use spawn eggs
  2. There will be able baby dinosaurs
  3. custom animations
  4. you will able to ride dinosaurs
  5. addon includes new blocks!

below you I recommend to see some of screenshots

spawn eggsnew blocks
Download addon for Minecraft PE 1.12 +

DOWNLOAD: projectprehistoric-v1_1_0_2-v2.mcaddon [1.78 Mb]

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