Food! addon

Food! addon for Minecraft PE will add more than 80 different food items. From now you will not be hungry anymore. You can get sugar, cakes, jello, lemon, pie, sushi, rolls and more another food. Most of the food will be edible. Addon will also add new blocks, mobs and even trees.


  • amount of food: 80 items
  • more then 80% edible food
  • works as for survival but also for creative mode
  • crafting recipes
  • new trees, mobs and blocks
  • you can trade the food

Crafting recipes! < click

all screenshots you will see below

Sea urchin

  1. spawn at oceans and rivers
  2. kill you once you will touch

download for Minecraft PE 1.11 +
DOWNLOAD: food-addon.mcaddon [2.81 Mb]

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