Basic Nether Ores Addon

Basic Nether Ores Addon for Minecraft PE will add new ores, nuggets, ingots, blocks and weapons. This mod was very popular for Java edition and inspired creator to adopted it for Bedrock version. Note that ingots you can receive in way of melt ores.

Attention: turn on experimental version in games setting

What will be added?

You will get many new ores such Aluminum, Nickel, silver, nether iron, nether coal and other. With nuggets and ingots will be the same. You will be able also craft great weapons. They will be different such from silver, aluminium, uranium and other ores materials.

Download Basic Nether Ores Addon for Minecraft PE 1.12/1.13 + DOWNLOAD: basic-nether-ores-res-new-update-1_1.mcaddon [41.04 Kb]
DOWNLOAD: basic-nether-ores-beh-new-update-1_1.mcaddon [70.25 Kb]

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