Backpacks Add-on

Backpacks Add-on for Minecraft PE adds three types backpacks to your world: little, medium and biggest one (9,15,27 slots accordingly). You will be able also change their collors. The main feature of this addon is that you can block or unblock your backpack and another players will never still your goods. I think this addon could be very useful for each of players in Minecraft, because you can easily storage many of your blocks/items/weapons, etc.


  • To get wear backpack just come very close and you will see how you get it on your shoulder
  • To lock/unlock backpack you need take tripwire hook and tap on backpack, then you will see buttons lock/unlock
  • use dye to change color your backpack look on some example

How to craft backpack?
please note that below you will see three recipes different sizes, they will have 9,15 or 27 slots.

Download backpack addon for Minecraft PE 1.12/1.13 +
DOWNLOAD: backpacks-1_0_8-android-addon.mcaddon [3.86 Mb]

for another platforms

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