Insane United Worlds addon

Insane United Worlds addon for Minecraft PE adds new biomes, mobs, foods, items and even commands. This addon will really change your world and adds more diversity in your original play.

What will be added?

  • Volcanical Biome ( with a lot of lava ) and Candy Crown Biome ( purpel biom )
  • new mob pirat
  • many new food and cool items
  • new mob Archers, Dirty Pigs
  • Ender Blazes, Female NPC
  • colored bricks

two command:

  • /function insane_show_item_list
  • /function insane_swords_info ( to view damages of sword and more additional when you holding it )


  • addon adds many new things and make your world more interesting
  • do not forget turn on Experimental Mode in the settings
  • addon suport latest beta MCPE

chageloge v.0.3.2

  • add new items
  • add new blocks
  • new components

Download for Minecraft PE 1.12/1.13 +

Download Insane Addons Instant Version (mcaddon)
DOWNLOAD: insane_united_world_v0_3_2.mcaddon [1.34 Mb]
Download Insane Recipes (mcaddon)
DOWNLOAD: v1_2_insane_crafting.mcpack [1.13 Mb]

old versions
DOWNLOAD: insane_united_world_v0_2_2.mcaddon [1.09 Mb]

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