Rainbow Friends Addon

Rainbow Friends mod Minecraft

Rainbow Friends is now available to all fans in the game of Minecraft. You can create your own games with Rainbow Friends characters in mod for mcpe and play with them.


In Rainbow Friends Minecraft Mod you can create colored monsters: green, red, blue, orange and they will help you attack NPCs.


What would create monsters you need to go into creative play mode and you will see eggs in your inventory, the color of the eggs is the color of the monster from Rainbow Friends. After summoning the monsters they will hunt and if you touch them you will need to start the game again.

Installing the mod

Download both files .mcaddon in the folder (Rainbow_RP and Rainbow_BP).
Open the files and installation will start automatically.

The mod is designed for Pocket Edition and Bedrock Edition.


Rainbow Friends Resources Pack .mcaddon (linkvertise)

Rainbow Friends Behaviors Pack .mcaddon (linkvertise)


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