Seed Dungeon in Stronghold

Today I going to show you some seed Dungeon in Stronghold for Minecraft PE. It will not easy way, even I would say dangerous but it is worth it. If you cope with this great adventure, you will get few chests, skeletons spawner and lot of fun!

SEED: -111411759

Lets see on screenshot below. You will spawn here. You have to go to right side and walk until you see desert and after it you have to go little bit further ( 200 blocks )

At least, you will find village and some life after long way across the desert.

Try to came across the well, it situated in centrum. After it you need to dig down as you see on foto below.

The next step is to find stronghold. You have to break bricks in that place on which the arrow shows. After it you need go right side and you will have 2 staircases down.­­



We do it! In one room you find a chest and in another you will find stronghold. I very like this seed, because it is very difficult and you have to spend a lot of your time but finely you get it and get great pleasure.


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