seed Ocean Monument

Seed Ocean Monument for Minecraft PE. Today we going to find some village under ocean but very especially. In this adventure you have to be very carefully because for you are waiting Elder Guardian. This mob is hostile for you and very powerfu.

seed: -1436927780

I recommend to start! At first, I give you some advice to drink nightvision potion. It will very useful for you because under water is really dark.

When you appear in your world you need to go diagonally right. If you will fly (choose creative mode ) and see what happen in ocean, it will more comfortable for you.

Screenshot begin point.

You will have not very long fly and see something like that. The big monuments under water. It looks great, is not?

As I said already, you will come across new hostile mob. You can meet him only here. Do not forget about some weapon to have battle with him.

How he looks? Picture below shows you.


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