seed Four Villages Near Spawn

Today I wrote you about seed Four Villages Near Spawn in game Minecraft PE. We will take great trip! We try to find all villages ( it is very easy ), meet with blacksmiths and looking for chest with valuable tools.

seed: 1831368756

When you appear on start point you have to go diagonally left. In this direction you will see three beautiful villages. Pleas, look at screenshot below.

In some villages, you can find a blacksmith. How? I recommend you easy way to do it. Just try to find group of people. It seems that they have voting process or something like that.

If you finely will get the chest, you will be pleasantly surprised. You can collect there some obsidian blocks, apples and saplings.

If you reach the third village you can get another chest and good loot!

On the screenshot below, you can see the last forth village. How you can go there? You can start from third and go along river. Unfortunately, you will not find the chest but you can just have fun.


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