Seed Savannah Island

Today we set off in big journey and you will see seed Savannah Island for Minecraft PE. You will very easy find him and it is perfect place for survive. How much island you will see which has only savannah? For example I did not. It is very original and inquire.

SEED: -560637684

How to find our island?

At first, when you just appear you need turn around and go diagonally left. You spend about 100-200 blocks on your travel until find savannah island. On the screenshot below you can see how it very nice look.

You will have many resources for good survival. It is very good territory for build your home with your friends.

Also I want show you some secret place. In center your island you can see some water. Good place for fishing!

At the end I want to say, if you have some good seeds I ask you to write them in comments. Thank you.


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