Seed Super Flat Spawn

Today I show you seed Super Flat Spawn for Minecraft PE. Here you will not see any mountains or hills. If you want survival or build some landscape you have to just put this seed and done! It is very good place for survival because near your spawn you can see great forest and get good resources. Also you can come across little village with some villagers who live here.

Seed: 2360843

How to find it?

You do not need to search this place you will spawn there.

Screenshots of these places. Have you ever seen picture like this? It is really rarely territory if you want to find it in your world but this this seed it will be very easy.

On this screenshot you can see village which I mentioned already. How to find it? You have to go straight from point of your spawn and you will see it. Villagers will happy to get some guest like you.


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