Seed Woodland Mansion

Today I want to show you seed Woodland Mansion for Minecraft PE. You have prepare to long and difficult trip. It is hause which really hard to find, but with this article you will get success. You have to know in this structure on your person will waiting a lot hostile mobs.

Seed: 2072006993

How to find Woodland Mansion?

Let’s start our journey! On beginning point you have to turn around and go left ( you need to walk across savannah ) look at this picture below.

Soon you will see forest and like on previous step you have to go across it

Soon you will see river. Go along river.

Soon you will see plains biom and swamp biom. Continue your walk.

Finely you will reach Woodland Mansion. This screenshot below shows you how it looks. This hause has a lot of room and corridors you can easy lost. Always think about where are you and where you turn.

also you can watch this video guid



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