Water Jungle Temple seed

Today I gonna show you Water Jungle Temple seed. We will have amazing trip and you will see a lot interesting things. Of course, if you will complete what I write you come to awesome template, which stay in center of water.

how to find it?

Let’s start. At first, when you will spawn, you have to turn right. I advice you fly ( so it is better if you will play in creative mode ) Look at this screenshot and arrow.

If you choose right direction, you will get small water and see template. It looks great!

Big treasure are waiting for you there, but be extremely careful. Not things are easy.

Behind the wall, you can open the first chest. You have to turn right levers and chest will open for you.

There are second chest with treasure for you. Just try to find him. After you open it and can get some emeralds and bones. Enjoy!


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